SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop with Craig Anderton

SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop with Craig Anderton, a ground-breaking collection of advanced SONAR X1 techniques, is Cakewalk’s first official video tutorial.

SONAR X1 Advanced Workshop with Craig Anderton image

Craig is one of the most respected music industry experts in the world today, and his novel, real-world insights and tips will help any SONAR X1 user make music more creatively and efficiently. From getting the most from the Skylight interface, to working with loops, unique ProChannel applications, mixing, mastering, vintage effects emulation, and more, this one-of-a-kind video takes you on an incredible journey into the heart, brain, and most importantly, soul of SONAR X1.

Runtime: 1hr 40mins

Total tutorials: 31

Regular Price: $39.99

Requirements: Available as a digital download. View in any MPEG4 compatible player or device (QuickTime recommended). Presented in HD at 720p. Works with iPad, iPhone, and other MPEG4 friendly mobile devices. Please note: This video includes many tips for ProChannel which is only available in SONAR X1 Producer.

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Download the chapter summaries (PDF)

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