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If you lost the registration code for your product we can help you recover it a number of ways. Review the options below to recover your registration code.

Option 1 - Use my Cakewalk Store account

If you have an account on the Cakewalk Store, your registration information might already be there. To check, follow the steps below

  1. Log-in to your store account by visiting http://www.store.cakewalk.com and clicking the 'Sign In' button
  2. Once you are logged in click the 'My Account' button from the top menu
  3. From the 'My Account' menu on the left click the 'My Registrations' link to see all of your registered products
Please note: The Cakewalk Store is split into multiple regions. If you are having trouble logging in, verify that you are in the same region that your account was created in. You can change the current region by clicking the 'Change Region' link in the upper right corner of the store.

Option 2 - Use your product serial number and email address

If you have the serial number for your product and the email address you registered with we can get your registration code for you right now, simply fill in the fields below and click the submit button.

Please note: If you no longer have access to this email address it is okay, we will display your registration code on the next page. You do not need to be able to log into this email account for us to access your registration from our records.

Serial Number:

Option 3 - Use your product serial number

If you aren't sure which email address you registered your product with then you can provide just a serial number and we can send it to that email address. In order to use this option you will need to be able to access that email address, simply enter your product's serial number and then click Submit.

Serial Number:

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