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Arranging and editingArranger tracks ► Arranger Inspector

Click the Show/Hide Arranger button at the top of the Inspector pane
Figure 164. Inspector header.
Figure 165. Arranger Inspector.Sections listAdd All Sections to Current ArrangementArrangements menuPreview ArrangementElapsed TimeRemaining TimeShow/Hide Arranger InspectorSections menu
A. Show/hide Arranger Inspector B. Add section C. Sections D. Add all sections to current arrangement E. Preview current arrangement F. Elapsed time G. Current arrangement H. Sections menu (select and create new Arranger tracks) I. Commit current arrangement to project J. Arrangements menu (select and create new arrangements) K. Remaining time 
Sections are the building blocks that make up the song. Each section defines a time range in the project, such as Intro, Verse, Chorus, etc. An arrangement is an ordered set of sections. You can sort the sections in any order to define the playback order. To do so, drag the sections from the Sections area down to the Arrangements area.
The Sections area lists all the arranger sections defined in the project’s timeline, from which a custom arrangement can be built. The order of the sections reflect the order in which they appear in the timeline.
The Sections list provides an additional way to edit time based selections of the project. Any operation performed in the Sections list is immediately reflected in the project/timeline, and vice versa.
To copy all sections to the current arrangement, click the Add All Sections to Arrangement button . If one or more sections are selected, only the selected sections will be copied.
The Add Section button inserts a new section.
Tip: Right-click the Add Section button to insert a section of a specific type (see Section types).
Figure 166. Sections menu.
Figure 167. Arranger Inspector.
A. Add all sections to the current arrangement B. Drag here 
The Arrangements area allows you to sequence sections in a non-linear manner without destructively moving any clip data, regardless of which order they appear in the project’s timeline.
The Sections list is a collection of project sections from which an arrangement can be built. To create an arrangement, drag sections from the Sections list or from the Arranger track. Any section can appear multiple times within an arrangement (or not at all).
To play the current arrangement, click the Preview button or press ALT+SPACEBAR (see To preview an arrangement). The Arrangements list shows the order in which the sections are played back, from top to bottom.
Note: Operations performed in the Arrangements section have no effect on the linear project structure until you click the Commit Arrangement to Project button , at which time the Arranger track timeline and the Sections list in the Arranger Inspector inherit the structure of the arrangement.
The Add All Sections to Arrangement button copies all sections to the current arrangement.
Figure 168. Arrangements menu.
The Preview button plays back the current Arrangement.
During Arranger preview, the main transport Play button shows a small “A” icon to indicate it is playing back an arrangement instead of following the project’s linear timeline, and the active section shows a progress indicator.
A. Arrangement preview B. Section preview C. Loop arrangement preview 
The Commit Arrangement to Project button renders the arrangement to the project’s timeline and updates track content accordingly.
To insert a committed arrangement into the existing project at the Now Time, right-click the Commit Arrangement to Project button and select Insert Committed Arrangement.
Figure 170. Arranger Inspector.
A. Elapsed time B. Remaining time 
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