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Arranging and editingArranger tracks ► Editing sections

Arranger sections can be edited in the Arranger Inspectors Sections list, or in the Arranger track timeline.
If the Arranger track is not visible, click the Track view View menu and select Arranger Track Show/Hide, or press A.
If the Arranger Inspector is not visible, click the Show/Hide Arranger button at the top of the Inspector pane.
Snap to Grid Landmarks (Edit > Preferences > Customization - Snap to Grid)
To rename a section, do one of the following:
Excluded tracks (see Excluding tracks from following arrangements) and track events not associated with selected sections are not affected.
To delete a section, do one of the following:
Tip: To exclude all track, press CTRL+A to select all tracks, then select Arranger Exclude in the Track Properties Inspector.
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