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Arranging and editingComping ► Comp clips

A. Comp clip B. Takes
A. Isolated take region B. Empty region (no unmuted takes) C. Multiclip region D. Isolated take E. Muted take F. Crossfade G. Comp clip unified header (click to select or move all takes as a group) H. Multiclip region (multiple overlapping unmuted takes)
Unified header. The solid blue header makes it easy to identify Comp clips. Click the header to select all underlying takes, or drag to move all takes as a group.
Isolated take region. Shows the clip data for a single isolated take. There are no other overlapping unmuted takes.
Multiclip region. If multiple unmuted takes overlap, the Comp clip automatically shows a multiclip, which displays the combined waveform or MIDI data of the overlapping clips.
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