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Improving audio performanceSystem configuration ► Bit depths for playback

Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording and choose the bit depth you want to use in the Audio Driver Bit Depth field.
If you choose to play back at greater than 16 bits, you may need to pick a bit format for your data in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Audio Profiles in the Stream > 16 Bit Data As field. You may need to consult your sound card’s documentation to find the optimum setting.
Some audio devices, especially USB devices that use WDM drivers, can not operate in 24-bit mode unless a variable in Cakewalk’s Aud.ini file is set to 1. The variable is Use24BitExtensible=<0 or 1>, which goes in the [name of your audio device (‘n’ in, ‘n’ out)] section of the Aud.ini file.
Use the Utilities > Change Audio Format command to open the Change Audio Format dialog box.
Choose a new bit depth in the New Bit Depth field.
If you’re changing to 16 bits, you can select or clear the Apply Dither check box. Dithering means to add a certain audio signal to 16 bit audio to make it sound more like it did as a higher-bit signal.
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