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Improving audio performanceSystem configuration ► Bit depths for importing audio

Note: If you are playing back 32-bit or 64-bit audio at high sample rates (and high latency sizes), the disk I/O buffer size in Edit > Preferences > Audio - Sync and Caching may need to be increased to handle this extra disk streaming throughput. A too small disk I/O buffer size can result in dropouts or clicks during audio playback of such content. If so try a higher I/O buffer size like 256 or 512.
See Bit depths and float resolution for more information about 64-bit files.
Go to Edit > Preferences > File - Audio Data.
Under File Bit Depths, change the Import Bit Depth field to the desired number. You can choose the Original option to import the files at their current bit depth.
This process changes the default import bit depth, which appears in the Import Audio dialog box. You can override this value for one import process at a time by changing the value in the Import Audio dialog box.
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