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There is also an option in the Associated Audio Files dialog box to selectively redraw waveforms for individual clips that may have a corrupt waveform display (see To redraw waveforms).
In Aud.ini:
In the [Aud] section:
Also in the [Aud] section:
In Cakewalk.ini:
In the [WinCake] section:
This option enables progressive display of waveform pictures. When enabled you will see pictures being displayed in the clips view dynamically as they are being computed. The waveforms will update in the background when the application is idle. If the ComputePicturesWhilePlaying flag is set to 1, waveforms will continue being displayed progressively even while audio playback is in progress. This can save time waiting for a complete picture to be finished before you can see it.
Right-click a selected clip, and choose Associated Audio Files on the pop-up menu to open the Associated Audio Files dialog box.
Click the Recompute Picture(s) button. A dialog box appears, asking if you want to recompute the pictures on the selected clips.
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