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The Mute buttons in the Track view, Track Inspector and Console view work in two ways:
You can record or draw automation for each Mute button, and the automation data controls the buttons.
You can click a Mute button while playback is in progress and manually override any automation data for that button.
A track’s Mute button can display the muted or unmuted status of either the automation envelope or of manual muting. To toggle between showing a track’s manual mute status or automated mute status, right-click the track’s Mute button and choose Switch to Automated Mute or Switch to Manual Mute on the pop-up menu. When the command is disabled, the track’s Mute button shows whether you have depressed the Mute button manually or not (the manual mute status). When the command is enabled, the Mute button displays a fader next to the M: .
Click the track’s Edit Filter control, point to Track Automation and choose Automated Mute on the submenu.
Right-click the Mute button you want to automate and choose Switch to Automated Mute from the pop-up menu.
Make sure the Mute button or its whole track is write-enabled.
Start playback or recording, and click the Mute button on and off where appropriate.
Click the Stop button press the SPACEBAR when the track has been muted in the appropriate places.
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