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Dialog box reference ► Create Fx Envelopes dialog

If you have already patched an automatable effect into a track, you can right-click in the Clips pane and choose Envelopes > Create > (name of the effect you patched) to open a dialog box containing a list of the effect’s automatable parameters. You can create or delete an envelope for each parameter by checking or unchecking its check box.
Click this button to choose colors for any envelopes whose names are highlighted and checked in the list. When you highlight the name of a checked envelope in the Envelope Exists list, the current color of that envelope appears above the Choose Color button; click the Choose Color button and choose a new color for the highlighted envelope. If you want the same color for several different envelopes, you can highlight as many names at one time as you want by dragging through them, SHIFT-clicking them, or CTRL-clicking them.
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