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Dialog box reference ► Length dialog

The Process > Length command, which opens the Length dialog box, can be used to stretch or shrink MIDI and/or audio clips, and/or to move their start times. Process > Length lets you stretch or shrink the selection by a fixed percentage and makes the adjustment by altering the individual events. A value of 200 percent, for example, stretches the selection to twice its original length, while a value of 50 percent shrinks the selection to half its original length.
You can also use the Process > Length command to alter only the start times or the durations of notes. For example, changing the durations of notes to 50 percent of their original length can create a staccato effect.
The Length dialog box has the following fields:
Start Times. Choose this option if you want the start times of the selected events to shift by a percentage of their distance from the beginning of the selection. For example, if a note starts on beat 3 of a selection and you enter a value of 50 percent, Cakewalk shifts the start of the note one beat to the left, or half of 2 beats.
Durations. Choose this option if you want the durations of the selected events to shrink by a percentage.
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