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Dialog box reference ► Remove Silence dialog

When you use the Process > Apply Effect > Remove Silence command, or click the Gate Settings button in the Freeze Options dialog box, the Remove Silence dialog box appears. This command creates absolute silence during silent passages, eliminating extraneous noise.
The Remove Silence dialog box has the following fields:
Use this field to choose and enter presets. Click the Save button to save any group of new settings after you enter a name in the Preset field. Click the Delete button to delete any selected group from the Preset field.
The value in this field is the interval of time after the volume reaches the Open Level for the gate to fully open. Opening the gate gradually produces a fade-in effect instead of an instant on-off sound.
The value in this field is the minimum time for the gate to stay open. Hold Time is useful when you've set high open and close levels—for example, when your source signal is very loud. Noise gates set this way tend to react to repeated percussive passages (such as drum rolls) by repeatedly opening and closing; this can sound unpleasant. By setting a hold time, you can ensure that the gate stays open long enough during percussive passages.
The value in this field is the interval of time after the volume reaches the Close Level before the gate actually closes. This lets the tail end of sounds pass through without being clipped.
Select the Split Clips check box to delete the silent sections of audio.
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