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Editing audioBasic audio editing ► Bouncing to clips

Note 1: Like any clips, slip-edited clips can be combined with other clips using the Bounce to Clip(s) command. When a slip-edited clip is combined with another clip, any slip-edited data (audio clips or MIDI events that are cropped from view) is overwritten.
Note 2: You control the bit depth of all rendering operations (bouncing, freezing, applying effects) in Edit > Preferences > File - Audio Data, in the Render Bit Depth field. The default value of 32 is the best for most situations. See Bit depths for rendering audio for more information.
Click the Track view Clips menu and choose Bounce to Clip(s).
On the Edit menu, point to Select and click All AudioSnap/Slipstretched.
Click the Track view Tracks menu and choose Bounce to Track(s).
The Bounce to Track(s) dialog box appears.
Select other options in the Mixdown Audio/Bounce to Track(s) dialog box and click OK.
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