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Click the controller lane’s Event Filter and choose New Value Type to open the MIDI Event Type dialog box.
Type. Choose the type of controller you want to add (for example, choose Control if you want to edit volume).
Value. This field is grayed-out if you choose Wheel or ChanAft in the Type field. If you choose Control, RPN, or NRPN in the Type field, choose which Control, RPN, or NRPN you want to add. For example, to edit volume, choose 7-Volume in this field if you chose Control in the Type field.
Channel. Choose a MIDI channel for the controller if you want. If your track has a MIDI channel listed in the Ch field, all MIDI data in your track uses the listed MIDI channel.
Click OK to close the dialog box.
Choose Insert > Series of Controllers to display the Insert Series of Controllers dialog box.
Click OK when you are done.
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