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If the articulation map you want to use is not listed in the global Articulation Map Library section, you can import a supported map file from another location. Maps are imported into global map library (C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Articulation Maps folder).
To import a map, click the Import button in the Articulation Map Editor and select on of the following:
Import File(s). Import one or more .artmap or .expressionmap files. You can batch import multiple selected files.
Import Directory. Import all .artmap or .expressionmap files that live in a specific folder. The folder structure of the source directory will be replicated in the destination directory.
The imported map(s) is added to the Articulation Map Library section.
Note: When importing an articulation map, be aware that different instruments use different MIDI base octaves. The MIDI note names you see in the Articulation Map Editor might not match he note names in your instrument(s). For example, Cakewalk might show C4 while an instrument shows C3. If the there is a mismatch between the displayed octaves, refer to the note numbers instead of note names, or change the Base Octave for Pitches setting in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display (see Customization - Display).
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