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Many of the items in Cakewalk.ini are set using Cakewalk menus and dialog boxes. However, some items can be changed only by using the Edit > Preferences > File - Initialization File command or by directly editing this file using the Windows Notepad.
Cakewalk.ini is divided into different sections. Unless otherwise noted, all entries should appear in the section that starts with the line:
For example, if you want to add the line AutoLoadAudioSnapPalette=0 to Cakewalk.ini, you should put it on the line under [Wincake], like this:
Table 97. Cakewalk.ini 
You may want to increase the value of this Cakewalk.ini variable if you are experiencing sluggish UI responsiveness when using a control surface and playing back high CPU projects.
The cause for this problem has its roots in the little Cancel button that sits in the top right corner of the plug-in's property page. The purpose of this button is to allow the user to cancel out of any changes they might have made to the plug-in, restoring back to whatever state the plug-in was in before they opened the GUI window. To make this work, Cakewalk would need to take an initial snapshot of the plug-in's state, and some plug-ins with large amounts of preset data could cause an audio hiccup if the data was captured for the Cancel button.
Note: When transparency is enabled, the global color entry (Edit > Preferences > Customization - Colors) called “Track View Icons Background” determines the background color (“Console Strips Icons background” does the same for the Console view and Track Inspector).
The Panic/Reset button stops playback and turns off any stuck notes. There are two ways a MIDI note can be turned off: By a note-off message (n=1) or by MIDI controller number 123 (all notes off). By default, Panic uses controller 123 only (n=0).
Setting PauseDuringSave to a value of 1 in the [Wincake] section changes the default behavior and pauses playback temporarily for the duration of the file save. This allows the file save to proceed as fast as possible before playback resumes.
This option enables progressive display of waveform pictures. When enabled you will see pictures being displayed in the clips view dynamically as they are being computed. The waveforms will update in the background when the application is idle. If the ComputePicturesWhilePlaying flag is set to 1, waveforms will continue being displayed progressively even while audio playback is in progress. This can save time waiting for a complete picture to be finished before you can see it.
Note: the following controls will never appear in the track header bar: Send widgets, meters, and vertical FX Rack.
By default, waveform previews take a meter sample for each meter frame. The default interval between meter frames is 40 milliseconds. The WavePreviewSampleFrequency Cakewalk.ini variable lets you specify how frequently samples are taken. The value can be an integer between 1 and 10, and represents the number of frames to sample. It goes in the [Wincake] section of Cakewalk.ini. For example:
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