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Mixing ► Using the per-track EQ

A. Clipping LED B. QuadCurve Equalizer enable/disable C. Style (Hybrid, Pure, E-Type or G-Type) D. Graph E. Band enable/disable (Low, Low-Mid, Mid-High, High) F. Frequency G. Q H. Level I. High band filter type J. Low Pass filter frequency K. Low band filter type L. High Pass filter frequency M. High Pass filter enable/disable N. High Pass filter slope (Q) O. Gloss enable/disable P. Low Pass filter slope (Q) Q. Low Pass filter enable/disable
In the Track Inspector, click the Display button and choose ProChannel.
To show/hide the ProChannel QuadCurve EQ in the Inspector, click the ProCh button at the top of the Inspector, or press CTRL+I. For information about using the QuadCurve EQ, see QuadCurve Equalizer module.
A. Hold down the CTRL key and left-click in the source EQ plot B. While still holding down the CTRL key and left mouse button, drag the mouse cursor to the target EQ plot and release the mouse button C. The source EQ plot is copied to the target EQ plot
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