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Notation and lyricsBasic musical editing ► Inserting notes on the staff

Note: You cannot insert notes whose durations are less than the value in the Display Resolution field, which accessed via the View > Display Resolution command in the Staff view menu.
You may also want to disable the View > Fill Durations and View > Trim Durations options before you enter notes on the staff. This will allow you to see the true durations of all the notes you enter. These options are discussed in Changing the way notes are displayed.
Disable the View > Fill Durations and View > Trim Durations options in the Staff view menu, if desired (this is usually the best way when you’re entering notes).
Click the Staff view View menu and choose Display Resolution, then choose a resolution that’s as small or slightly smaller than the smallest note you plan to enter.
To add a sharp or flat, select the Smart tool in the Control Bar, right-click the note to open the Note Properties dialog box—in the Pitch field, use the + or - buttons to raise or lower the pitch, and click OK. You can type enharmonic spellings into the Pitch field, such as C#5, E”4. and Fx6. The double quotation mark produces a double flat, and the x produces a double sharp.
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