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Controlling playback ► Track-by-track playback

Cakewalk lets you play back any combination of tracks at one time by changing each track’s status. You can control the status of each track with the individual controls that are on every track, or with the global controls in the Control Bar’s Mix module. For more information about the Mix module, see Mix module.
Figure 106. The Mix module.
A. Mute B. Solo C. Arm D. Input Echo E. Bypass All Effects F. Live Input PDC Override G. Exclusive Solo H. Dim Solo I. Automation Read (playback) J. Enable/Bypass Plug-In Upsampling K. Clear All Automation Write Enables L. Offset mode
If a track was accidentally recorded out of phase with another track, the Phase button in the Track view or Track Inspector lets you reverse the phase of a track.
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