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Controlling playbackTrack-by-track playback ► Changing tracks’ mono/stereo status

Cakewalk has a Mono/Stereo button in each track module in the Track view, Track Inspector and Console view. The buttons in the track modules force each track to play in either stereo or mono, but preserve the tracks’ pan positions in the stereo mix. The Mono/Stereo button in each track forces the track’s audio signal to enter any patched plug-ins as either mono or stereo, whether or not the tracks are mono or stereo. This allows you to use either mono effects on a stereo track or stereo effects on a mono track.
Open the Track view, Track Inspector or Console view.
Note: It is not possible to set a track’s Stereo/Mono button to Stereo if a mono plug-in is the first effect in the track’s FX Rack.
A mono VST plug-in will work correctly if Enable Mono Processing is checked in the VST Plug-in Properties dialog box and the track interleave is set to mono.
Note: Enable Mono Processing is enabled by default in Cakewalk. If you are playing back a legacy project in Cakewalk and notice the project does not sound the same, try to disable Enable Mono Processing for any mono plug-ins used in the project.
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