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Controlling playbackChanging track settings ► Adjusting the time alignment of a MIDI track (Time+)

Each event takes place at a known point in the project. On playback, the time offset (Time+) parameter adjusts the times for MIDI events in the track by the designated amount. The value can be as small as a single clock tick or as large as you want. This parameter can be used to make a part play behind the beat or in front of it or to compensate for tracks that sound rushed or late. The time shift can be used to create a chorus or slap-back echo effect by making a copy of a track and then applying a small offset to the copy. You can use larger time offsets to shift a track earlier or later by several beats or measures. Note that you cannot shift any event earlier than 1:01:000. For example, if the first event in the track starts at 2:01:000, you cannot shift its start time earlier by more than one measure.
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