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Recording ► Loop recording

Note: When loop recording in Sound on Sound mode, you will not be able to hear the prior loop passes until you stop recording. This is because takes are only committed after recording is stopped.
When you finish recording, you can use the Edit > Undo command or CTRL+Z to erase all your takes in a single step.
Figure 141. The Record section.
If you use single track and Comping or Sound on Sound with Track Lanes enabled, selecting the Reuse Existing Lane, Unless Takes Overlap radio button will create another Take lane if your new clip overlaps an existing clip.
If you stack all takes in a single track, you can audition them later by using the Expand/collapse Take Lanes button in the bottom left corner of the Track pane (each take will have its own Mute and Solo buttons).
Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box, and set the Now time to the point in the project where you want to start recording.
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