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RecordingImporting music and sound ► Importing OMF projects

Use the File > Open command, which opens the Open dialog box.
In the Files of type field, select OMF File.
If you know the exact tempo of the file, enter it into the Initial Tempo field. It is always preferable to know and enter the project tempo at this point. If you don't know the project tempo you can open the file at the default tempo and then change the file's tempo later, but this will cause the clips to move.
The Sample Rate field displays the sample rate of the imported audio (if the audio is embedded in the OMF). Use this field to change the sample rate, if you need to.
The Bit Depth field displays the bit depth of the imported audio if the audio is embedded. If the audio is external, the Bit Depth field defaults to the Original menu option, which will import the audio at the bit depth the audio is currently using. If you want to import the audio at a different bit depth, you can choose the bit depth in this field.
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