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System exclusive data ► Sysx .ini file settings

The TTSseq.ini initialization file (%appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core) contains settings that govern the sending and receiving of System Exclusive information. If you are experiencing difficulties using Sysx, you will probably be able to correct the problem by adjusting these settings.
The options described below occur in the [Options] section of the TTSseq.ini file. You can edit this file using the Windows Notepad. Every time you add or change one or more lines in TTSseq.ini, you must restart Cakewalk in order for the change to take effect.
This setting causes Cakewalk to delay n milliseconds if it encounters an F7 in a System Exclusive bank, but only if the line SysxDelayAfterF7=n is not zero. The line SysxDelayAfterF7=n enables a delay between Sysx messages, while the line SysxSendDelayMsecs=n sets the size of the delay.
n = 60 Default value (in milliseconds)
The possible values of n in the line SysxDelayAfterF7=n are 0 and 1. Their significance is as follows:
n = 0 No delay
n = 1 Delay between each Sysx message
n = 1024 Default value (in bytes)
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