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System exclusive data ► Troubleshooting

Make sure you have the right MIDI Input selected in Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Devices.
If there is no Dump Request Macro (DRM) for your instrument, you should select You start dump on instrument, then initiate the Sysx dump from the instrument. Once the bytes received count stops increasing, click Done to tell Cakewalk to stop receiving. The currently selected bank now holds the received Sysx data. You can rename the bank if you want by selecting the bank and clicking Edit > Name.
Try setting the number to 64. If that does not solve the problem, try successively smaller values. If 64 works, you may try larger values until it stops working; go back to the largest value that worked and you will have the fastest transmission rate that the problematic synthesizer can keep up with.
The line in TTSseq.ini that reads SysxDelayAfterF7=n enables Cakewalk to introduce a delay between each Sysx message so that the instrument has some time to respond to the message. Setting n to be 1 enables the delay. The line SysxSendDelayMsecs=n lets you control how many milliseconds the delay is, where n is the number of milliseconds that the delay lasts.
SysxDelayAfterF7=1 Enables delay
SysxSendDelayMsecs=200 Sets delay time to 200 milliseconds
SysxSendPacketSize=65535 Increases packet size to 64k
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