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Software instruments ► Using the Assignable Controls feature

You can create knobs on the Synth Rack to control any of a synth’s automatable parameters (each knob learns what parameter to control when you create the knob). This makes it easy to adjust the controls that you use most often on a particular synth, and also lets you record automation from the Synth Rack. After you create some control knobs, the next time you insert the same synth, you can choose to display the same control knobs that you used previously.
While the Assign Controls button is enabled, click on each control in the synth’s property page that you want to create a knob for.
When you’re finished clicking on controls, click the Assign Controls button to disable it.
A. Automated knobs B. Assign Controls C. Show/Hide Assigned Controls
In the Synth Rack, click the Show/Hide Assigned Controls button.
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