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Software instrumentsReWire ► Inserting a ReWire instrument

After you install your ReWire applications and reboot your computer, the names of the ReWire applications appear in Cakewalk’s Insert menu under ReWire Devices, and also in the Synth Rack’s Insert button pop-up menu.
In the Synth Rack, click the Insert button, and click ReWire Devices to display the submenu of installed ReWire devices.
Use the Insert > ReWire Devices command to display the submenu of installed ReWire devices.
The Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box appears.
Choose options from the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box according to the following:
If you want to use existing MIDI and audio tracks to play the ReWire Instrument, uncheck all of the Create These Tracks options. Cakewalk adds the ReWire Instrument to the audio track Input and MIDI track Output menus. You need to set an existing audio track’s Input field to the ReWire Instrument, and set an existing MIDI track’s Output field to the ReWire Instrument. The existing audio track will then become a synth track.
If you want to open the ReWire Instrument’s interface from this dialog box, select the Open These Windows: Synth Property Page check box (always check this option: ReWire Instruments do not sound unless their property pages are open).
If you opened this dialog box from the Insert menu and want to open the Synth Rack, select the Open These Windows: Synth Rack View check box.
If you want to open this dialog box every time you use the Insert > ReWire Instrument command, or click the Insert button in the Synth Rack and choose a ReWire instrument from the pop-up menu, select the Ask This Every Time check box. If you always insert ReWire Instruments in the same way, you can uncheck this option so you don’t have to deal with the dialog box each time. To open the dialog box when the option is unchecked, click the Insert Soft Synth Options button in the Synth Rack.
Click OK to close the dialog box.
Cakewalk adds your ReWire devices to the audio and synth track Input menus and the MIDI track Output and Channel menus, creates any tracks you requested, adds the ReWire instrument to the Synth Rack, and opens the ReWire application’s interface.
In the MIDI track whose output is the ReWire synth track, click the drop-down arrow in the Channel field to display the names of the available ReWire devices in your ReWire instrument.
Open Cakewalk, insert a ReWire instrument, and choose the All Synth Audio Outputs option in the Create These Tracks field of the Insert Soft Synth Options dialog box. Make sure you choose to open the Synth window, and click OK.
Cakewalk inserts the ReWire instrument and creates multiple synth tracks.
In Cakewalk, set the Output field of a MIDI track to the name of your ReWire application, and set the Channel field to the name of the ReWire device you want to play with this track.
Record some MIDI data in the track and play it. Find the synth track whose Input field lists the output channel you patched your device into—the playback meter lights up as you play the MIDI track that plays your device.
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