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Use the Bounce to clips command to mix down clips that contain a lot of edits (clip effects, automation, AudioSnap, etc). Doing so will decrease the amount of data your system has to process simultaneously. For details, see Bouncing to clips.
Open the C:\Cakewalk Projects\Picture Cache folder and delete its contents (do not delete the folder itself). Doing so will free up disk space so Cakewalk may perform more efficiently.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Configuration File.
In the Properties list, scroll down to the property named ExtraPluginBufs.
Change the value of ExtraPluginBufs to 1.
Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box, then try to insert the effect that caused the dropout.
If you still experience a dropout, change the value of ExtraPluginBufs to 2. Continue to double the value of this variable until you reach 128 (4, 8, 16, 32, etc.). If a value of 128 does not fix the problem, it is time to try something else. For more information about potential dropout causes, see Dropouts and other audio problems.
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