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Arranging and editing ► Working with linked clips

Music Creator makes it easy to repeat a pattern over and over using a feature called linked clips. Linked clips always have the same contents, name, and display color. Any change you make to the internal contents of one of the clips, such as adding or editing notes or effects, automatically applies to all of them. Any number of clips may be linked with each other. To create linked clips, copy the clips and when pasting, check the Linked Clips option in the Paste dialog box or the Drag and Drop Options dialog box. Linked clips are displayed with a dotted border, so they are easy to spot. You can also identify linked clips from the Clip Inspector or by using the Select All Siblings command in the Clips pane context menu. You can easily unlink linked clips, and then edit them individually. You have two options when unlinking linked clips:
Table 47.  
Click the Track view Options menu and choose Drag & Drop Options to display the Drag and Drop Options dialog box.
Check the option labeled Copy Entire Clips as Linked Clips.
If necessary, confirm the options in the Drag and Drop Options dialog box, and click OK.
Choose Edit > Copy Special to display the Copy dialog box.
Choose options as desired and click OK. Music Creator copies the clips to the Clipboard.
Choose Edit > Paste Special to display the Paste dialog box.
In the Paste dialog box, choose one of two options:
Linked Repetitions. If you choose this option, only the new copies of the original clip are linked together. Edits you make to the new copies do not affect the original, and vice versa.
Link to Original Clip(s). If you choose this option, the new copies and the original clip are linked together. Edits you make to any of the linked clips, including the original, affect all other linked clips in the group.
Right-click on any selected clip and choose Unlink from the pop-up menu. Music Creator displays the Unlink Clips dialog box.
Right-click on any selected clip and choose Select All Siblings from the pop-up menu.

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