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Arranging and editing ► Splitting and combining clips

Table 48.  
Right-click the clip and choose Split on the context menu
Works on all selected clips. You can also press the s key to split all selected clips at the Now Time.
Click the Track view Clips menu and choose Bounce to Clip(s)
The Split command lets you split clips four different ways.
Table 49.  
While the Split command works for both MIDI and audio clips, for audio clips, the Split command provides sample accurate editing and snap-to-zero capability. Note that the Edit > Undo and Edit > Redo commands work with all three of these editing commands.
Left portion (default). Only the left portion is selected.
Right portion. Only the right portion is selected.
Both portions. Both the left and right portions are selected.
None. Neither portion is selected.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Editing.
Under Clips, select the desired option in the Selection after single split list.
Right-click on any selected clip, and choose Split from the pop-up menu. Music Creator shows the Split dialog box or press the S key to split the clip(s) at the Now Time.
Right-click on of the clips and select Bounce to Clip(s) from the pop-up menu.

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