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AutomationQuick automation guide ► Automation Read and Automation Write buttons

Music Creator has buttons to enable/disable automation playback (the Automation Read buttons ) and automation writing (the Automation Write buttons ) on the following modules:
In addition, Music Creator has right-click commands to enable/disable automation playback and writing for individual parameters. The Automation Read/Write buttons enable or disable automation playback and recording respectively on all the parameters on an individual track, bus, or plug-in at once. The Automation Read/Write commands enable or disable automation playback and writing respectively on individual parameters of tracks, buses, or plug-ins.
The Automation Read button enables playback of automation envelopes for all automatable parameters in the track, bus, or plug-in that the button is on, and is a handy way to temporarily turn off envelopes for a particular track or bus while mixing.
The Automation Write button enables all automatable parameters on a specific audio track, bus, or plug-in to be recorded.
The Automation Read and the Automation Write buttons are located by default next to the Mute/Solo/Arm buttons on track and bus strips in the Track View, on the console strip in the Console View, and below the Mute and Solo buttons in the Synth Rack. They are also available in Cakewalk Soft Synth and Cakewalk effects plug-ins. Automation Read and Automation Write buttons have three states; enabled, disabled, and dim. Enabled buttons indicate that all associated parameters are read/write enabled. A dim button indicates that some parameters in the track strip or plug-in are read or write enabled, while others are not. During automation writing, you will see the automation preview envelope being drawn in real time alongside the normal waveform or MIDI preview.
A. Automation Read button B. Automation Write button
If you right-click an effect in an effect bin, the Read Enable Parameter and Write Enable Parameter menu choices open dialogs that allow you to select which parameters you want to enable.

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