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Do one of the following:
Track Automation (including plug-in parameters and MIDI continuous controllers)
A. Edit Filter
A. Smart tool B. Select tool C. Move tool D. Edit tools (Trim/Timing/Split) E. Draw tools (Freehand/Line/Sine/Triangle/Square/Saw/Random) F. Erase tools (Erase/Mute) G. Draw resolution H. Snap enable/disable
A. Smart tool B. Select tool C. Move tool D. Edit tools E. Edit tool F. Timing tool G. Split tool H. Draw tools I. Freehand tool J. Line Tool K. Sine Pattern tool L. Triangle Pattern tool M. Square Pattern tool N. Saw Pattern tool O. Random Pattern tool P. Erase tools Q. Erase tool R. Mute tool
Clips, note events and envelopes have different “hotspots”. That is, a tool may do something different depending on where you click. As you move the mouse pointer, the current hotspot is shown as a shaded rectangle.

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