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Note to users of previous Cakewalk products: The DMA settings in versions of Cakewalk prior to Music Creator 1.0 were displayed in bytes rather than samples. Using your previous DMA settings in Music Creator will not work. Try the settings that wave profiler displays, and if you are not satisfied, only then attempt to optimize your settings.
All of your audio settings are listed in the Preferences dialog box, which you open with the Edit > Preferences command. The following list summarizes all the settings that the Wave Profiler sets. You can override all of them except what audio drivers are listed in the Drivers tab:
Go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Devices.
Click Launch Audio Profiler.
The Wave Profiler examines each of your sound cards in turn, makes default settings in the Preferences dialog box, and displays the name of each sound card and the sample rates that each card supports.

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