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The Process > Length command can be used to stretch or shrink a portion of a project. Process > Length lets you stretch or shrink the selection by a fixed percentage and makes the adjustment by altering the individual events. A value of 200 percent, for example, stretches the selection to twice its original length, while a value of 50 percent shrinks the selection to half its original length.
The Process > Length command offer the option to stretch audio clips along with the MIDI information. Sometimes you don’t want to adjust the speed of your audio.
You can also use the Process > Length command to alter only the start times or the durations of notes. For example, changing the durations of notes to 50 percent of their original length can create a staccato effect.
Choose Process > Length to display the Length dialog box.
Figure 177. The Length dialog
Choose to change the Start Times and/or Durations of selected notes by checking the boxes.
Click OK when you are done.

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