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Audio file management ► Deleting unused audio files

The Utilities > Clean Audio Folder command is used to delete digital audio files in an audio folder if they are no longer used by any of your projects. You should use this command from time to time to free up disk space.
Choose Utilities > Clean Audio Folder to display the Clean Audio Folder dialog box.
Click the Browse button to the right of the Audio Path field and navigate to the folder you want to search for unused audio files.
Click the Find button. Music Creator searches the selected directory for audio files that appear to be unused by any existing projects, and displays the names of these files in the list.
Music Creator searches the entire system for project files. Audio files in the folder or folders you decide to search which do not belong to any of the projects on your system appear in the Clean Audio Folder dialog box. If any corrupted or unreadable project files exist on your system, the Unreadable Files dialog box appears. It is very important that you restore any unreadable files from a backup before continuing, otherwise you risk data loss.
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Click Delete All, and click Yes to confirm
Click Close when you are done.

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