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Software instruments ► Synth Rack

To open the Synth Rack, open the Browser and click the Synth button . The Synth Rack lets you view, insert, delete, and configure your soft synths. You can also mute, solo, and freeze any or all of them from this view. Each time you insert a soft synth into your project, a new row appears in the Synth Rack with the name of the soft synth and its current preset. You can select different presets from the view. You can insert as many copies of the same soft synth as you like; each new copy appears in a new row and has the same name, but has a higher number after the name (ReWire soft synths can only have one copy open). The new higher-numbered name also appears on the menus of synth track inputs and MIDI track outputs.
Figure 192. Synth Rack Browser
A. Insert Synth B. Delete Synth C. Insert Synth Options D. Show Synth Rack Browser E. Synth Settings menu F. Dock/undock G. Docking options H. Expand/collapse I. Instrument list J. Synth Automation menu
A. Connect/disconnect (only when floating or docked at top or bottom) B. Synth name C. Preset picker D. Mute E. Solo F. Freeze/unfreeze G. Automated knobs H. Synth icon I. Automation track J. Automation Read K. Automation Write L. Assign Controls M. Show/Hide Assigned Controls

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