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Tutorial 2 – Using the Browser ► Finding and previewing audio loops

Create a new project using the Pop Song Template – Medium template as explained in the previous tutorial titled Saving project files.
Make sure the Browser is open and visible. If it is not, choose the Home screenset in the Control Bar.
Click the Media button to show the Media Browser, if it is not already shown
In the Browser, click the Content Location drop-down list and select Rock Organ.
You will see a list of files. Most of the content in Music Creator is divided into three main tempos: slow, medium and fast. For this tutorial, type in the word Medium into the Search Filter to refine the list. You will see a smaller list of content. The Search Filter is very handy when you are looking at a long list of loop files.
In this tutorial, auto previewing is enabled. This means that when you click on a file it will automatically begin playing. If you prefer to disable auto preview, click the Media menu and deselect Auto Preview. There are other options in this menu that can be helpful. Take a minute to review them before continuing. For more information, see Using the Media Browser.
Click the Play button in the Browser.
If you don’t hear anything, revisit the settings of your Audio Preview Bus, as discussed above, and ensure that it is set to the audio device that your headphones or speakers are connected to.

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