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A. Curve EQ B. GRIT (saturation) C. MAX (volume maximizer) D. SPACE (reverb/ambience) 
Curve EQ. The Curve EQ module allows you to fine tune the frequency spectrum of your music or sound. You have control over four individual bands, which allows you to attenuate or boost specific frequency ranges and shape the overall characteristics of the audio signal. Equalization may also be applied creatively, to add presence or enhance certain frequencies, to remove noise, hum or low-end rumble, for special effects or numerous other purposes. For more information, see Curve EQ module.
Style Dial FX. Style Dial FX are powerful audio processing modules with a simple user interface. Each Style Dial FX module features only a single knob that lets you dial in the desired effect. The knob range goes from subtle to fully processed. Music Creator includes the following Style Dial FX:
GRIT (saturation). Digital audio recordings can sometimes sound sterile and lifeless. The GRIT module provides smooth frequency saturation operation for adding just the right amount of tube warmth to any track. Dial in anything from warm tube sound to more of a modern amp overdrive. For details, see GRIT (saturation) module.
MAX (volume maximizer). The MAX module is a one-knob volume maximizer that transparently increases the overall sound loudness of a track or bus by reducing the dynamic range. Use MAX as a convenient track leveler and compressor. For details, see MAX (volume maximizer) module.
SPACE (reverb/ambience). The SPACE module adds reverb/ambience to the audio signal. Simulate environments from small rooms to huge halls. The space gets increasingly larger as you increase the knob value. For details, see SPACE (reverb/ambience) module.
To show/hide MixStrip in the Inspector, click the MixStrip button at the top of the Inspector, or press CTRL+I.
Figure 255. Click the MixStrip button at the top of the Inspector to show the MixStrip.
Note: If the Inspector is collapsed, the MixStrip button looks like .
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