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Media Browser. Find audio, MIDI, video, projects, project templates, track templates, Effects Chain presets and track icons that you want to import into a project. For more information, see Using the Media Browser.
Plug-in Browser. Organize plug-ins and drag effects to tracks and clips. You can access audio effects (DirectX and VST), MIDI effects (MFX), instruments (DXi and VSTi) and ReWire devices. For more information, see Using the Plug-in Browser.
Synth Rack Browser. Manage all active instruments in a project. For more information, see Using the Synth Rack Browser.
A. Media Browser B. Plug-in Browser C. Synth Rack Browser D. Header bar
Click the Browse Media button .
Click the Browse Plug-ins button .
Click the Browse Synth Rack button .
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