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See The Wave Profiler for information about how to change DMA settings.
In SONAR’s Step Record dialog box, duration means the actual length of time that a note sounds, as opposed to the notated value of the note, which could be different. If you check the Follow Step Size option in the dialog box, the notated value and the duration are the same.
Chord symbol, text of any sort (like ff or con amore), hairpin, or pedal marks.
One of the many single photographic images in a motion picture or video. It is the smallest unit used for SMPTE synchronization.
The beginning of a selection. Set it in the Control Bar’s Select module.
See the online Help topic MIDI Machine Control (MMC).
Time up to which the music is to be played back or recorded. Set it in the Control Bar’s Select module.
Same as PPQ. Timing resolution, measured in pulses (ticks) per quarter note. Determines how finely you can specify notes.
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