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Clips are displayed as rectangles in the Clips pane. Their position and length show you at a glance their starting times and lengths. You can control four aspects of their appearance:Color. By default, each track’s clips are drawn in a different color. The clip colors restart at the tenth track. You can customize the default colors of clips in Edit > Preferences > Customization - Color, or change the color of any individual clip in the Clip Inspector.
Name. You can also assign each clip a descriptive name, which is displayed in the upper-left corner of the clip.
Contents. At your option, clips can be displayed with a graphical representation of the events in the clip. The effect is slightly different for MIDI and audio information.
A. A MIDI clip shows each event; by looking at the clips, you can “see” the notes that are being played B. An audio clip shows the actual waveform C. Controller or automation data are also displayed
Figure 76. Zoom controls
A. Zoom Clips pane out vertically B. Vertical Zoom fader for Clips pane C. Zoom Clips pane in vertically D. Zoom Bus pane out vertically E. Vertical Zoom fader for Bus pane F. Zoom Bus pane in vertically G. Zoom in horizontally H. Horizontal zoom fader I. Zoom out horizontally
A. Clip group number B. Clip name C. Indicators (FX, AudioSnap, Follow Project Tempo, Stretch, V-Vocal, MIDI editor) D. Clip data (audio waveform or MIDI data)
To globally hide the clip headers, click the Track view View menu, point to Display, and select Maximize Waveform Height. When this options is enabled, the waveform display spans the full height of clips.
Do one of the following:
Do one of the following:
Point the mouse pointer at the top half of the Clips pane or Piano Roll view time ruler (the mouse pointer should look like this: ), then click with the right mouse button and drag up/down.
Use the Zoom tool to drag-select an area of a clip or clips that you want to zoom to. To activate the Zoom tool, hold down the Z key. When you release the mouse, the area you selected expands to fill the Clips pane window.
Zoom command keyboard shortcuts:
Table 47.  
Click the Track view Options menu and choose Zoom Options.
Select the intensity of the Zoom effect in Zoom Factor by using the spinners or manually entering a value.
Check or uncheck Simultaneous Vertical and Horizontal Zoom.
The default is for Simultaneous Vertical and Horizontal Zoom to be checked. If you uncheck it, Fast Zoom exhibits the following behaviors.
Click the Track view Options menu, point to Display and choose Display Clip Names to show clip names, or leave it unchecked to hide clip names.
Click the Track view Options menu, point to Display and choose Display Clip Contents to show clip contents, or leave it unchecked to hide clip content.
Table 48.  
Select the Use Track Colors check box.

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