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Arranging and editing ► Working with partial clips

Select a range of times and one or more tracks. SONAR automatically selects the portions of clips that are in both the selected time range and the selected tracks.You can then copy, move, or delete the material the same way you do with whole clips.When you select portions of a clip, SONAR may round off the start and end times of your selection based on the snap grid. For more information, see Defining and using the Snap Grid.
Select the Smart tool or Select tool in the Control Bar and drag across the bottom half of a clip.
Select the Smart tool or Select tool in the Control Bar, then click in the bottom half of a clip and drag across several clips in adjacent tracks.
Choose Edit > Select > By Time, enter the start and end time, and click OK.
Choose Edit > Select > None or press CTRL+SHIFT+A to completely clear the selection.

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