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Arranging and editing ► Take lanes and comping takes

Take lanes and comping takes
Take lanes provide an alternative method of viewing and editing overlapping clips on tracks. Overlapping clips can occur when you record multiple takes on the same track. Take lanes can be expanded or collapsed on each track. When expanded, Take lanes are indented below the parent track. Take lanes can be created, hidden, and removed, and each track can have an unlimited number of lanes.
To show a track’s Take lanes, click the track’s Expand/collapse Take lanes button .
A. Parent track B. Take lanes
When you view clips in separate take lanes, it’s easy to mute and solo them individually and eventually come up with a composite take, with only the best clips playing back.
If you enable a track’s Expand/collapse Take Lanes button , SONAR moves the track’s clips to separate lanes whenever any of the following happens:

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