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Improving audio performanceSystem configuration ► Bit depths and float resolution

SONAR supports all common bit depths, including 64. SONAR’s 32-bit mixing provides full floating-point resolution for extended dynamic range, and precise audio processing. For maximum dynamic range and precision, you can also choose 64-bit mixing (go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings and select the 64-bit Double Precision Engine check box). SONAR can import, export, play back, and render 64-bit float files.
A SONAR project can contain files of different bit depths. You can specify different bit depths for playing back, recording, importing, exporting, and rendering audio (bouncing, freezing, applying effects). To play back or record at a specific bit depth, your sound card must support that bit depth.
64-bit is a choice in the File Import dialog box.
64-bit is a choice in the Edit > Preferences > File - Audio Data file bit depth fields.
Do one of the following:
Right-click a clip, choose Associated Audio Files on the pop-up menu, and examine the Bit Depth column.
Go to Project > Audio Files command to open the Project Files dialog box, and examine the Bit Depth column.

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