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Improving audio performanceSystem configuration ► Preparing higher-quality audio for CD burning

Use the File > Export > Audio command to open the Export Audio dialog box. Choose RIFF Wave in the Files of Type field, Export to Stereo File(s) in the Format field, and 16 in the Bit Depth field.
After exporting the audio, close SONAR and open up your sound card control panel (for M-Audio cards, usually the Delta Control Panel, for Echo Audio, usually the Echo Console, for MOTU it's the 324 console, etc.) Once the control panel is open, change the setting for your sampling rate to 44.1 kHz.
Next launch SONAR, go to Edit > Preferences > Audio - Driver Settings and change the Audio Driver Bit Depth to 16. Change Default Settings for New Projects to 44100 Hz for the Sampling Rate.
After making these adjustments, click the Wave Profiler button. In some instances, with certain audio hardware configurations you may be prompted with an audio driver error dialog box during this process. This is nothing to be concerned about. You will have to exit SONAR, re-launch, verify the settings you made in the Preferences dialog box, and click the Wave Profiler button again. When you can successfully run the Wave Profiler without an audio driver error, proceed to the next step.
Create a new project (File > New command). The Normal option is fine for this.
Import the mixed down audio by using the File > Import Audio command.
Confirm the bit depth and sample rate of the imported audio by using the File > Info command, and clicking File Stats. The File Stats dialog box lists the correct sample rate and bit depth.
Final step: use the File > Export > Audio command. Be sure to select 16 for the Bit Depth and uncheck all Mix Enables.

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