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AudioSnap (Producer and Studio only) ► Synchronizing audio and the project tempo

Applying an audio clip’s internal tempo map to the project’s global tempo map. Use this method if you want the project tempo to match an audio clip’s tempo and have audio beats aligned with the project’s time ruler.
If you recorded an audio track without using the metronome, and you want the project’s measure and beat boundaries to align with the audio. For example, you may have recorded an audio track that you would like to use as the tempo reference when recording additional tracks.
If you want to use the Quantize and Groove Quantize commands on audio clips, and have audio beats quantized correctly.
If you want to remix an existing song that has been imported into SONAR (from an audio CD or MP3 file, etc.). In order to add new drum loops and MIDI instruments that play in time with the original song, you need to create a tempo map from the original song.
Applying the project’s tempo to a clip’s tempo map.  Use this method if you want a clip to follow the project tempo.
SONAR automatically creates a tempo map for each audio clip. In some cases, SONAR can detect the wrong tempo. For example, SONAR might detect a tempo of 120 BPM when the actual tempo is 240 BPM, or a beat may be mapped to the wrong transient. You can easily remap the tempo map, if necessary.
Click the Set Project Tempo From Clip button on the AudioSnap palette.
Note 1: The Set Project Tempo From Clip drop-down list lets you specify at which resolution the clip’s tempo map should be copied to the project tempo. The options are as follows:
Note 2: If multiple audio clips have their Clip Timebase property set to Musical, changing the project tempo will affect the relative positions of the audio clips. When using the Set Project Tempo from Clip command, SONAR will offer to convert the timebase to Absolute.
Click the Clip Follows Project Tempo button on the AudioSnap palette.
Note: If the audio clip does not play back at the expected tempo, the clip might not have an accurate internal tempo map. For details about editing a clip’s tempo map, see Editing a clip’s tempo map.
Configure the project’s tempo as desired (either specify the tempo manually, or extract the tempo from another audio clip by using the Set Project Tempo from Clip button on the AudioSnap palette).
Click the Average Tempo box on the AudioSnap palette and select Set Clip Tempo From Project on the drop-down menu.
Note: AudioSnap will always attempt to find the tempo of any clip recorded or imported into SONAR. While several possible tempos are normally generated, in some cases AudioSnap may be unable to detect the correct tempo or may not detect a tempo at all. This can occur if the source material is highly compressed or does not contain transient markers on all actual beats.
If AudioSnap detects possible tempos for the clip, existing transient markers (that appear within a defined window of the project’s beats) are reassigned to nearby beat markers on the clip’s tempo map.

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