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The Pool is a collection of transient markers that can be extracted as a groove, and also function as snap locations. A transient marker that belongs to the pool is displayed in the Clips pane as a solid line within the parent track, and as a dotted line outside the parent track. Hovering the mouse over a dotted line will display a tooltip containing the parent track and position.
Right-click a clip and choose Pool > Show pool lines on the pop-up menu.
Figure 212. Pool lines
A. Tooltip B. Solid line C. Dotted line
Right-click the clip and choose Pool > Add Clip to Pool on the pop-up menu.
Right-click a clip and choose Pool > Show pool lines on the pop-up menu.
In the Control Bar’s Snap module, set the Musical Time value to the resolution you would like to add to the Pool.
Right-click in the Clips pane and select Pool > Add MBT to pool on the pop-up menu.
The current Musical Time snap resolution to the pool, and also displays dotted pool lines in the Clips pane. This can be useful as either a basic visual guide, or for adding the Musical Time to an extracted groove, or to fill in any transients that may be “missing” in a syncopated or sparse section.
Right-click a selected clip and choose Pool > Apply transient pool markers on the pop-up menu.
Markers appear on the selected clips at Pool lines. When aligning clips on multiple tracks, it is necessary to split and/or quantize all clips at the exact same position in order to avoid phase problems when quantizing audio. In order to do so, it is necessary to establish a common, or “master”, transient reference pool which can be applied to all tracks. The Apply transient pool markers command will use the transient pool as a reference, and insert identical transient markers on all selected clips.
Note: Adding markers at Pool lines can add a lot of markers to a clip. If you later decide that you want to work with the clip’s original markers, you can remove only the markers that you added by right-clicking the transient marker, and choosing Reset from the pop-up menu.

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