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Automation ► Automation lanes

Automation lanes are an alternative method of viewing automation envelopes on tracks and buses. Automation envelopes can be displayed in the parent track, or in indented lanes below the parent track.
Figure 320. Automation lanes.
A. Parent track B. Automation lanes
While the parent track can show multiple clips and automation envelopes simultaneously, each Automation lane displays only a single automation envelope. Automation lanes allow you to easily show only the parameters you are interested in, without cluttering up the interface with numerous automation envelopes.
Automation lanes can be expanded or collapsed. When expanded, Automation lanes are indented below the parent track/bus. Automation lanes can be created, hidden, and removed. Each track/bus can have an unlimited number of lanes.
To show a track’s Automation lanes, click the track’s Expand/collapse Automation lanes button .
The selected global tool operates on track automation envelopes that are assigned to lanes, including ProChannel, Arpeggiator, plug-in parameters and MIDI continuous controllers (CCs).
A. Automation lanes expanded B. Automation lanes collapsed

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