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AutomationCreating and editing automation envelopes ► Envelope mode and Offset mode

There are two modes which control how your volume faders, pan faders, bus send faders, and bus send pan faders behave during playback. The two modes are Envelope mode and Offset mode.
Envelope mode. In envelope mode, volume and pan faders follow the project’s automation and do not respond to changes you make in real-time.
Offset mode. In Offset mode, you “offset” the current automation in a track using a parameter’s controls. For example, if a pan envelope is set to hard left (100% left) and you adjust the pan in offset mode to 100% right, then the pan parameter is now set to hard right. Setting the pan in offset mode to 50% right would set the pan to the center.
Note: Any position that you set a fader to in Offset mode remains in effect when you switch back to Envelope mode. For example, if you set a volume fader to -INF while in Offset mode, switch to Envelope mode and drag the fader to its maximum level, you will not hear anything.
To enable/disable Offset mode
Do one of the following:
Click the Offset mode button in the Control Bar’s Mix module.
Table 183.  
Table 184.  
You can globally configure the placement of 0 dB for your envelopes in the Clips pane. The default placement in the Clips pane of 0 dB is roughly 1/3 from the top of the clip. You can change the position of 0 dB in all envelopes to the middle of the clip.
There are several advantages when using the Envelope Display on a Percentage Scale option:
Note: In Envelope mode, newly created volume clips appear at the same dB value as the current Vol setting. For example, if the Vol setting is +3 dB, a newly created volume envelope appears above the middle of the clip.
Go to Edit > Preferences > Customization - Display and select the Display Envelopes on Percentage Scale check box.

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