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A snapshot is a setting or group of settings that SONAR’s controls snap to when your project reaches a certain Now Time. You set all the controls to the values you want, and then create a snapshot of these settings at a particular Now Time. This approach is useful, for example, when your project contains a variety of distinct sections and you want to make a sudden change in one or more settings between the sections.
Right-click the control and choose Automation Snapshot in the pop-up menu. You don’t have to write-enable the track or bus module.
Make sure the appropriate Automation Read button is enabled, play your project and listen to the results. You can undo the snapshot by using the Undo command, or by taking another snapshot at the same Now Time.
When taking multiple automation snapshots at the same Now time, new envelope nodes are created instead of updating any existing envelope nodes. To address this issue, undo the previous automation snapshot before performing a new snapshot.

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